27 March, 2020


# Project “Sexual selection and evolution in arachnids”. Grant (three-year) FONCYT PICT 2119/2018.


The project includes both comparative and experimental studies on several species of arachnids (scorpions, solifuges, spiders, pseudo-scorpions), in order to achieve a more integrated knowledge of the study problems. Specifically, it is proposed: 1) to evaluate the existence of chemical intersex communication by means of pheromones, 2) to describe and relate behavioral patterns of courtship and copulation, 3) to study mating systems, 4) to identify the main determinants of successful fertilization, 5) to establish the relationship between reproductive characteristics and the activity of the immune system, 6) to address the study of sperm dynamics in males and females (patterns of viability, production and sperm investment, fertilization patterns), 7) to analyze the relationship between morphological characteristics acting in the precopulatory stage and sperm characteristics resulting in post-copulatory stages, 8) to examine ecological aspects through the study of phenology and characterization of microhabitats, 9) to carry out comparative studies between model species and phylogenetically basal species to establish patterns of evolution of morphological structures and behaviors. The results obtained in this study will not only enrich regional knowledge, but will also serve to test theoretical assumptions about the evolution of mating behavior and sexual selection mechanisms in arthropods in general.

# Project “Reproductive biology of atropods: Patterns and mechanisms of sexual selection in arachnids”. Biannual grant, Consolidar “3” SECYT (UNC) 472/2018.


This project pretends to extend the functional study of mating and associated morphological variables in groups of arachnids and insects in our country, emphasizing in the interpretation of reproductive biology from evolutionary perspectives of sexual and natural selection.