Scientific publications in recent years Bollatti, F., Dederichs, T. M., Peretti, A. V., Laborda, Á., Postiglioni, R., Aisenberg, A., Michalik, P. 2023. Reproductive diapause influences spermatogenesis and testes’ size in the diplochronous wolf spider Allocosa senex (Lycosidae, Araneae) – a case study using a non-experimental approach. Zoology, Vol 159, pp 1-8. Huber BA, Meng G, Read more about Publications[…]

Page of photographs of spiders from Argentina

Page of photographs of spiders from Argentina Dr. Matías Izquierdo is carrying out a photography project on Argentine spiders that you can visit at the following link: You can also learn more about the project and the latest updates on the twitter account @Aranias_Arg. We invite you to visit the page and follow him on Read more about Page of photographs of spiders from Argentina[…]

Plow Travelers at the Cedar Point Times

Travelers of the tillage in the Cedar Point Times. Two Labre postdoctoral fellows (Mariela Oviedo-Diego and Franco Cargnelutti) appeared on the cover of this month’s “Cedar Point Times,” the magazine of the Cedar Point Biological Station, Nebraska, USA. The reason was his visit to the station in August as part of the internship at the Read more about Plow Travelers at the Cedar Point Times[…]

Public science communication

Public communication of science in the framework of the Arthropodata seminar series is aimed at students and arthropod enthusiasts and combines the presentation of two researchers, one from Canada and the other from Argentina. It is coordinated by Dr. Prager’s laboratory (Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan) and Dr. Read more about Public science communication[…]

Member of the examining board

Dr. David Vrech. Member of the examining board of the undergraduate thesis of the student Ian Walker School of Biology FCEFyN, UNC, entitled: “Effects of management type and plant complexity on spider communities in spontaneous vegetation edges of crops in the Green Belt of Córdoba”, directed by Dr. Martin Videla and Dr. Ezequiel González. March Read more about Member of the examining board[…]