Invited LEyCA

David E. Vrech, Invited speaker by Dr. Alex Córdoba-Aguilar, director of the Laboratory of Ecology and Animal Behavior, IE, UNAM (Mexico). The work entitled: “Sperm production in scorpions: models for the understanding of reproductive dynamics in an ancient group of arthropods” was presented. The talk was built around the lines of research carried out in Read more about Invited LEyCA[…]

Latin Emerging Arachnology Network (RAEL)

During the pandemic some members of LABRE (Dr. Franco Cargnelutti, Dr. Fedra Bollatti and Mariela Oviedo-Diego) together with arachnologists from other Latin American countries had the initiative to create a space that facilitates the diffusion of opportunities for arachnologic studies, that promotes the exchange of ideas and the professional growth of its members through symposia, Read more about Latin Emerging Arachnology Network (RAEL)[…]

“Fragmentos of Okazaki”

Participation in the Podcast: “Fragments of Okazaki”  In chapter 17 of the podcast “Fragments of Okazaki” organized by Eduardo Briceño & Nelson Saint-Hilaire, a member of LABRE, the biologist Mariela Oviedo-Diego shared information about the reproductive biology of scorpions and the work developed during her PhD thesis. Don’t miss this episode, you can listen to Read more about “Fragmentos of Okazaki”[…]