Member of the examining board

Dr. David Vrech. Member of the examining board of the undergraduate thesis of the student Ian Walker School of Biology FCEFyN, UNC, entitled: “Effects of management type and plant complexity on spider communities in spontaneous vegetation edges of crops in the Green Belt of Córdoba”, directed by Dr. Martin Videla and Dr. Ezequiel González. March Read more about Member of the examining board[…]

Invited LEyCA

David E. Vrech, Invited speaker by Dr. Alex Córdoba-Aguilar, director of the Laboratory of Ecology and Animal Behavior, IE, UNAM (Mexico). The work entitled: “Sperm production in scorpions: models for the understanding of reproductive dynamics in an ancient group of arthropods” was presented. The talk was built around the lines of research carried out in Read more about Invited LEyCA[…]

Latin Emerging Arachnology Network (RAEL)

During the pandemic some members of LABRE (Dr. Franco Cargnelutti, Dr. Fedra Bollatti and Mariela Oviedo-Diego) together with arachnologists from other Latin American countries had the initiative to create a space that facilitates the diffusion of opportunities for arachnologic studies, that promotes the exchange of ideas and the professional growth of its members through symposia, Read more about Latin Emerging Arachnology Network (RAEL)[…]

Communication in Science (Eileen Hebets)

We are happy to had been part of the science communication course taugth by Eileen Hebets in Cordoba. We went through a week of challenging activities with an interdisciplinary group where we learned the most effective strategies to achieve the student’s engagement in STEM areas. We believe that this kind of activities is a fundamental Read more about Communication in Science (Eileen Hebets)[…]

Evolution Workshop of Spider Genitalia (LABRE-MACN)

Unity is strength! The enthusiasm to share and discuss different knowledge, questions and interpretations about the evolutionary processes that occur in spiders finally found its time and place in the Taller de Evolución de la Genitalia de Arañas in Córdoba. During this week, the MACN and LABRE arachnologists had the opportunity to enrich ourselves professionally Read more about Evolution Workshop of Spider Genitalia (LABRE-MACN)[…]

First episode of the ‘Ciencia Popular’

With great enthusiasm we invite you to watch the first episode of the ‘Ciencia Popular’ cycle filmed by the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales (UNC) which can be followed every wednesday at noon in @fcefyn_unc. In this episode our beloved colleague Paola Olivero @paolaaolivero tells us about scorpions seasonal appearance in Cordoba. Link al Read more about First episode of the ‘Ciencia Popular’[…]

21st International Congress of Arachnology in Christchurch, New Zealand

Our PhD student Fedra Bollatti was invited by Anita Aisenberg and Michael Kasumovic to participate in the symposium “The breadth of sexual strategies and reproductive morphology in arachnids – This is just the beginning!” at the 21st International Congress of Arachnology in Christchurch, New Zealand! Fedra was telling to arachnologists around the world about the Read more about 21st International Congress of Arachnology in Christchurch, New Zealand[…]