6 de April de 2020

Dr. Fedra Ariana Bollatti

Postdoctoral research fellow at CONICET, Institute of Animal Diversity and Ecology (IDEA-UNC-CONICET).


My topics of interest focus on the effects of Sexual Selection on the behavioral, body and physiological traits of animals in general, and arachnids in particular.

Specifically, my PhD thesis focused on the Allocosa senex digging spider, a very attractive species due to its sex-role reversal and the great investment in mating that males make. In essence, they usually build a burrow to be able to mate and donate it to the female once the copulation has finished. During the development of my PhD thesis I discovered that there are males that -alternatively instead of building a burrow- they can exploit the other males’ burrows to mate. I found this topic very interesting, so my current postdoctoral project is focused on researching the development of alternative reproductive tactics in males of this species, studying in-depth the possible triggers of these tactics and their potential implications, both behavioral, corporal, and reproductive.


E-mail: fedrabollatti@gmail.com