13 October, 2016

Prof. Dr. Camilo I. Mattoni

Independent Researcher of CONICET, Institute of Diversity and Animal Ecology (IDEA).

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, National University of Cordoba.


I carry out studies of systematic and comparative morphology of scorpions, mainly on biodiversity, phylogeny and distribution of the family Bothriuridae. I also study evolutionary patterns in the reproductive biology of scorpions, from an approach of sexual selection theories. I have made several contributions to the study of the scorpion field ecology in the arid Chaco of Argentina, and to the internal anatomy and sperm morphology of the scorpions. I conducted numerous field expeditions collecting arachnids in South America, traveling from deserts to jungles, from sea level to 5000 m. In addition to contributing to knowledge about scorpions, I have also collaborated in theoretical aspects of phylogenetic analyzes, biogeography and phylogenies of other groups (ascidias and vipers). My main interest is to integrate knowledge from the different areas, to address the study of evolution from a purely multidisciplinary approach.

E-mail: camilomattoni@gmail.com