13 de October de 2016

Prof. Dr. Alfredo V. Peretti

Senior Researcher at the CONICET, Institute of Diversity and Animal Ecology (IDEA).

Associate Professor at Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.


My research line is oriented to the study of the reproductive biology of arachnids and other arthropods. In this context, my studies focus on many aspects of reproduction from sexual selection perspectives.


Although the approach of my work is mainly behavioral, I try to include topics associated with ecology, functional morphology, physiology and genetics.

Some works have a greater component of comparative biology while others are of experimental type, depending on the kind of questions and organisms involved in the study. My main interest is to offer an integrative vision of sexual selection perspectives (both theoretical and practical issues), and to address useful methodological revisions. I am interested in using particular species as “models” of study (e.g., to answer specific questions about mechanisms of sexual biology). In addition, I want to provide descriptive data in various groups (e.g., reproductive patterns) since they can enrich our knowledge of the huge diversity of arachnids of Argentina. Within the arachnids, among some groups, I have worked with scorpions, spiders and solpugids: complementarily, amblypygids, opilions and ricinulids; in insects, mainly odonates. Sporadically, I have studied some aspects of sexual biology in fishes in order to learn and refine my vision at a macro-comparative level (e.g., analogies, evolutionary convergences in reproductive strategies). I coordinate a young and enthusiastic group of PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers on reproductive biology and evolution of arachnids and other arthropods.

E-mail: aperettibec@gmail.com