Daily note Dra Bollatti and Dra Aisenberg

Note to Fedra Bollatti and Anita Aisenberg on the investigation they carried out with Alfredo Peretti, Álvaro Laborda, Rodrigo Postiglioni, Tim Dederichs and Peter Michalik (colleagues from Argentina, Uruguay and Germany, respectively) in the Arena Spider: Allocosa Senex .

On this occasion, the researchers found that the males of this species survive the winter through a reproductive diapause, which implies a suspension in sperm production during this season coinciding with the non -reproductive season of the species. However, males do not completely stop this process thanks to the windows of opportunities provided by the summers in Uruguay. This adaptation of males is also reflected in a reduction in the size of their testicles. “Note made by Martín Otheguy, for daily, Uruguay.

Published September 21, 2023.

Link: https://ladiaria.com.uy/ciencia/articulo/2023/9/el-veranillo-sexual-de-san-juan-el-calor-del-pleno-invierno-desencadena-estrategias-unicas-en-nuestras-aranas-de-la-arena/

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